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4 Tips for Using WhatsApp Web Privacy Settings

Many of us now use the online version of WhatsApp—WhatsApp Web. This makes it easier to work and respond to notifications, as you can keep the tab open on your browser and switch between apps, while going about your business.

In this article, we focus on the online web version of WhatsApp Privacy, including its features and how to set your privacy settings.


Features of WhatsApp Web Privacy and Security

WhatsApp always thinks of its users whether they are using the mobile app or the online web version. That’s why they’ve always focused on end-to-end encryption. Provided you have the latest updates and patches, you are protected against eavesdropping on your calls, messages and payments.

We have listed here for you the top five features that WhatsApp offers to its customers.

Privacy and Security

We have already discussed the importance of privacy and security for WhatsApp. With the need to stay in touch, whether it’s for emergencies, family or work updates, group chats, or reconnecting with people from your past, WhatsApp has made sure that its end-to-end encryption keeps you connected. covers.

Everything, including your messages, voice calls, video calls, photos and documents, is covered and secure.

Personal messaging

When you message another WhatsApp user with WhatsApp Messenger, end-to-end encryption is already in use. This end-to-end encryption ensures that only you and the person you’re messaging can see and listen to your messages. No one else, not even WhatsApp, can listen to and view these messages.

Everything is automatic and you don’t have to enable or configure anything to make it work for you.

Business messaging

Every WhatsApp message is secured with encryption before it even leaves your device. This means that if you use a WhatsApp business account, the messages you send will be secure. We urge you to remember that this does not prevent someone from taking a screenshot of your message or forwarding your secure messages to the other side.

While WhatsApp takes your privacy into account when using WhatsApp Messenger, it also understands that some companies prefer to opt for WhatsApp’s parent company, Meta, to store messages and information securely.


Not all countries have the ability to use Payments on WhatsApp, but in countries that can, WhatsApp ensures that payments can be made between financial institution accounts. While bank and card details are stored and encrypted in highly secure networks, financial institutions need certain information related to these transactions.

This means that even though bank details are encrypted, the information you send to the financial institution will not be end-to-end encrypted.

Take control

WhatsApp wants to make sure that you only receive the messages you want to receive. To help you, it offers the option to delete or prevent a person or company from sending you messages that you do not want to receive. You can do this by deleting or blocking them directly from the chat, or by deleting or blocking them from your contact list.

How to make WhatsApp Web more private

Knowing that you benefit from privacy and security when using WhatsApp Web, why not learn these simple tips to stay on top of how your WhatsApp account is working for you. Below we list some simple tips that anyone on the online web version can follow.

  1. Log in to your WhatsApp web account using your laptop or workstation.
  2. In the upper left corner of your screen, you will see three dots that indicate the Menu listing. Click on it then go to Settings.
  3. Scroll down the menu halfway and click Privacy.
  4. The Privacy menu offers options to modify several elements of your WhatsApp web account. We list them below for you with an explanation of each:
  • Last Seen: Customize who sees your last seen. You won’t be able to see someone else’s last seen unless yours is enabled.
  • Profile Picture: Customize who is allowed to see your profile picture.
  • About: This is the little blurb you add to your profile, and this setting lets you choose who can see it.
  • Read receipts: Read receipts will always be sent in group chats, however, for chats sent to individuals, you can toggle this option on and off. If disabled, you will not be able to send or receive read receipts.
  • Disappearing messages: WhatsApp offers the option to set time periods during which your messages can be viewed before they are deleted. Changing this setting does not affect your existing messages.
  • Groups: Choose who can add you to group chats.
  • Blocked contacts: View the people you’ve blocked and decide whether to keep them blocked or unblock them.

Why should you use WhatsApp Web Privacy and Security Settings

WhatsApp doesn’t just want us to control our accounts, how we send and receive information, and how our information is provided. WhatsApp lists four main components as reasons why you should use WhatsApp Messenger.

The option to speak freely

Whether you’re calling someone in your hometown or in another country, WhatsApp Calling lets you talk freely without fear of being overheard or recorded.

Save your messages

WhatsApp stores your messages using end-to-end encryption on your device. Nothing will ever be stored on a WhatsApp server after it has been sent.

look yourself

You can always find out for yourself if your messages are end-to-end encrypted. All you have to do is look in the message itself or check the contact information to confirm.

Know everything

WhatsApp has its end-to-end encryption technical explanation available for anyone who wants to learn more. This was developed in conjunction with Open Whisper Systems, which is the team that started development of the Signal Protocol software which now supports many end-to-end encryptions, including WhatsApp’s.

Feel safe, your way

With so much going on online, from sharing our personal stories to handing over ideas and business documents, we appreciate how WhatsApp has gone to such lengths to keep us safe and private while on the go. use of its platform.

Making sure you know how you want to see your messages, and how you want others to see your information and messages, brings peace of mind to anyone using the WhatsApp app.