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2022 Accessibility Internet Rally Creates Free Accessible Websites for Nonprofits

Portrait Regine Gilbert

Régine Gilbert, author, researcher and advocate for inclusive design, will chair the award-winning community initiative

AUSTIN, TX, USA, July 19, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Knowbility, a nonprofit leader in accessible web design practices, today announced that NYU Professor Reginé Gilbert , will chair the 2022 Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR) program. Knowbility’s mission is to create an inclusive digital world for people with disabilities and AIR is their flagship community program.

Regine Gilbert is an assistant professor at New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering. His research interests include digital accessibility, inclusive design and immersive experiences. She is the author of Inclusive Design for a Digital World: Designing with Accessibility in Mind.

“It is an honor to be the AIR Chair for 2022! Accessibility is a human right, inclusive design is good design, and Knowbility enables people to gain hands-on accessibility experience where they will work with nonprofits to improve their experiences,” Reginé said. “
I can’t wait to see what people create!

AIR is an annual, award-winning competition that recruits teams of web professionals to design and deliver websites for small nonprofit organizations that serve community needs. Web teams are trained in accessible design techniques that make websites more usable for people with disabilities. During the 8-week build period, teams and their nonprofit “clients” are coached by experienced digital accessibility mentors. The resulting websites are submitted to judges who score sites primarily on how well they meet global accessibility standards. Accessible websites enable everyone, including people with disabilities, to access online content and integrate socially and economically into our digital world.

“I look forward to the AIR season every year,” said Sharron Rush, Executive Director of Knowbility. “It’s exhilarating to see talented creatives come together to learn more about inclusive design for the web while supporting nonprofit missions that serve the arts, social services, environment, and other community needs. from around the world. And there is no better champion of this effort than Régine Gilbert – she wrote the book on inclusive design. We are grateful and very happy to work with her as 2022 President.”

The AIR program is currently registering teams and nonprofits to participate in the 2022 competition. For a relatively small nonprofit with clearly focused goals, AIR provides a completely new or redesigned website only for the cost of l program registration. To complete the 8-week build, clients must meet regularly with the team and provide clear expectations of their needs.

AIR’s team structure is well-suited for groups of colleagues within businesses and digital agencies of all sizes. This is a great exercise in team building as well as professional development in the advanced skill of digital accessibility. AIR team participants have had careers in digital accessibility at Apple, Google, Meta and many other companies.

Interested nonprofits and teams of web professionals can apply to enter the competition on Knowbility’s website. The registration deadline is Friday, August 19.
About Knowledge:
Knowbility is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose mission is to create a more inclusive digital world for people with disabilities. Knowbility does this through education, awareness and advocacy. All programs and services are intentionally designed to teach and empower those who are committed to providing equal opportunity and access through technology. Since 1999, Knowbility has worked with thousands of businesses, schools, and government agencies, as well as other nonprofit organizations, to improve the lives of millions of people with disabilities around the world.

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