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Build websites, online stores, and role-play with this 25 course coding package

As the internet continues to accelerate and the web expands, businesses will always be looking for qualified web developers to develop and grow their online presence. If you’ve ever thought about finding a tech or IT job, web development is a great niche to grab. It will take a lot of work, but there is […]

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10 Best In-Depth Search Engines to Crawl the Dark Web

In this article, you’ll learn about some of the biggest ones and what kind of information you can find there. If you’re like most people, you probably think the gateway to the entire web is Google. However, Google uses a web crawler to find content on the site to offer you when you search for […]

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OWASP shakes up web application threat categories with release of Top 10 draft

The Top 10 list is a widely used guide to modern web application security threats The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) has released its draft Top 10 2021 list revealing a shake-up in the categorization of modern threats. In an announcement made yesterday (September 8), OWASP noted The draft Top 10 Web Application Security […]

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Brave Browser: content blocking changes to improve web compatibility

The developers of Brave Browser have revealed in a new blog post on the company’s official website that the browser logic for blocking content will change in the upcoming Brave Browser version 1.30. Brave includes a default content blocker that blocks resources the same way content blocking extensions like uBlock Origin work. Brave Shields, the […]

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Distill.io Web Content Monitoring Review

Website change monitoring software allows companies to effectively monitor changes to their competitors’ websites, as well as changes to their own websites. Users generally receive automated alerts when content is updated on the web pages of their choice and can use this data to improve their decisions, both professional and personal. They can monitor price […]

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Web-building platform Duda takes over e-commerce shopping cart tool Snipcart – TechCrunch

Duda announced on Wednesday that it has acquired Canadian company Snipcart, a startup that allows businesses to add a shopping cart to their websites. The acquisition is Palo Alto-based Duda’s first deal and follows the website development platform’s $50 million Series D round in June, which brings its total funding to $100 million. nowadays. Duda […]

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Dark web market price index

Our personal information has real value on the dark web, as it can be used fraudulently in various ways to make a profit at your expense. Some of the most common scams are listed below, organized by type of account hacked. Communication Hacked Skype accounts have already been used to spam people with phishing links […]