Mortgage lending without equity – calculator and comparison

In real estate financing, a distinction is made between 100 percent and full financing. While only the pure purchase price and / or the construction costs are covered with the former financing, with the full financing also the additional costs are included. That is, notary fees, processing fees or land transfer taxes are also funded. […]

Request loan without credit registration and receive different offers

Are you looking for a cheap loan that can be easily closed? The most advantageous loans on the internet are in circulation. The interest on a loan is determined by the amount of the credit. How much you can borrow depends on various factors such as income and your personal situation. Applying for a loan […]

How is the effective interest rate of loans calculated?

The effective annual interest rate (effective interest rate) is an important tool for loan seekers. With this value can be different offers with each other # be compared. In the effective interest rate, all costs of the loan are combined. What is required by law? The legal basis is Paragraph 6 (1) of the Price […]

Loans without Private credit: Serious or not?

Again and again we hear that loans without private credit are dubious. No tidy bank, it is said, would grant loans to those with negative private credit characteristics. That’s not true. Of course, there are actually providers who work with dubious methods. But there are also car repair shops that exchange more parts than necessary […]

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