Loans for the self-employed

A loan for the self-employed – what needs to be considered? Basically, it is more difficult to get a loan when you are self-employed. Private borrowers have much greater benefits and can also benefit from a much lower credit check. The self-employed usually have to submit a so-called economic analysis, since the income usually fluctuates […]

Redevelopment of loans why buy back loans?

What is the reorganization of credits? it is a financial solution that fits perfectly to every household indebted strongly or little and you even avoid a sale of your property in case of a hard blow. In a few sentences here are the essential points of this operation. The redevelopment of loans is not a […]

Is a loan without private credit reputable?

Can a loan without private credit be serious? Many consumers ask themselves this question. The answer is yes, non-schafafie loans are completely reputable – provided that the settlement is fair, correct and transparent. Normally you need a “good private credit” for a loan. If the credit report contains negative features, the big banks often reject […]

To take out a loan without a credit registration can at a negative listing

Despite the many offers of cheap money borrowing, it can still be quite difficult to take out a loan. The banks and mediators test the database of the Central Credit Office or see how many debts they have outstanding. They can also see if someone is behind with paying or has stopped paying off his […]

The comparison of small loan helps to save

Small loans have a maximum lending volume of 5,000 euros and are therefore well suited for many smaller acquisitions or debt restructuring of contaminated sites. Since the products are installment loans, they can be repaid in constant monthly installments. If you are interested in a loan, make a small loan comparison. So you will find […]

Normal loan or credit without private credit

Many consumers have to deal with negative entries in the private credit, because they once forget a bill or have paid a rate on time. Even a small entry can become a very big and almost insurmountable hurdle when borrowing. Because no matter where you ask for a loan: With a bad private credit you […]

Car loan for the self-employed

When it comes to credit, freelancers and the self-employed are not very easy. Banks treat the self-employed as being downright poor and credit is often denied because no regular income can be proven. Some banks are open to the self-employed and if the loan application is then prepared accordingly, then a lot of excitement and […]

How to find a loan despite private credit

A bad private credit and fresh cash through a loan – two things that are generally excluded. If you have negative credit reports, the general assumption is that banks will not give you credit. For many of the well-known major banks that is also true. Despite bad private credit a loan? Many consumers have already […]

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